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Twelvetrees ramp is open! First pics

The Twelvetrees Ramp is open! It's the "missing link" in the walk down the River Lea from the Olympic Park all the way down to Cody Dock. Previously, to complete the walk you had to come off the river at Three Mills and go on an ugly detour round the Tesco's and the Blackwall Tunnel Approach. This ramp links up two bits so you can go more-or-less continuously down the river paths.

It was supposed to be open in September but... well... you know. And finally today it's open! Here are my exciting first pictures of it, looking robust against the wintry fog:


A fun bit of ironwork on top there. In the evening, the old streetlamp on the bridge lights up, and the new ironwork and the old streetlamp work well together.


It would have been nice if it had been open for all those autumnnal walks in the evening sun and the lengthening shadows. Instead, now you can walk all the way down to Cody Dock, except you won't find much going on down there in winter time. But hey ho, it's ready for 2017!

Oh and by the way here's Twelvetrees Ramp on the map

Saturday 17th December 2016 | london | Permalink
Name: simon
Website: http://www.gasworksdock.org.uk
Email: simon dort myers art gasworksdock dort org dort uk
Date: Saturday 17th December 2016 18:59
Yes great news at last! The Cody Dock Cafe remains open 7 days a week throughout the winter from 11am till 5pm at weekends and 9am till 2:30m during the week. It will be closed from the 24th of December till the 2nd of Jan. The gates will remain open to visitors throughout the holidays and our next big event is our Burns Night on Saturday the 21st of Jan, Featuring live music, traditional dance, a bar and a light dose of poetry.

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