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Podcast latest: Living Symphonies, Thetford Forest

A short field recording wandering around the Living Symphonies sound art installation - generative music coming from various speakers hidden in a forest. You can also hear people talking, and a chiff chaff competing pretty well with the other sounds. http://livingsymphonies.com/ Download it now (8.5MB)


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Space Times

Cut-and-paste zine from outer space! Now available on Earth.


Flat Four has been looking into the world of music made on "retro" computers - the models of computer produced in the early 80s. Check it out


We sent out 100 blank postcards, asking people to fill them in and send them back. See the results!

Sign Language for Gigs

Learning one or two sign-language signs is really handy for use at gigs and clubs. Much better than shouting...

Ladyfest Cardiff!

Ladyfest is a kind of feminist DIY festival. It includes gigs and workshops and much more. We report on Ladyfest Cardiff 2006, with exclusive live recordings, music and discussion.

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