Flat four


About the station

Flat four is an internet-only station run by Philippa and Dan.

We broadcast indie and experimental music, mostly by unsigned artists, as well as short, entertaining features and the occasional field recording. Most of the programmes are made by one or other or both of us.

We broadcast a selection of our programmes on a loop, so on any given day you'll be able to hear a good few hours of radio, and if you miss a programme you'll have a chance to catch it next time around. We're also planning to drop live and as-live programmes into the stream, so watch this space!



We have secured permission from the artists and performers which we broadcast. This does not imply that you have permission to re-transmit or re-use any of the material, so if you want to do anything with any of the material you had better get in touch with us first to discuss whether permission can be secured!


Technical details

The audio is a 24kbps mono MP3 stream. We offer this "low-quality" stream in order that hopefully it's straightforward to listen over a dialup connection.

The station was originally broadcast using a very handy piece of software called Nicecast. Nicecast is incredibly user-friendly and is a great tool for getting started. Recently we've migrated to Icecast, which is a lot harder to get set up but gives better performance and flexibility in the end.



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