Flat four


Flat four's work is not just a radio stream. We're spreading our good works throughout the world with a couple of CD releases which are available in some of the cooler indie record shops in the UK.


"Artful If A Door" is a compilation of our favourite pieces composed in response to Flat Four's 2004 "Sample Challenge". We invited artists to take a handful of audio samples and turn them into something wonderful, and this they did with great gusto. A lot of the music created was far too good to go to waste, and this is what prompted us to put them into CD format for posterity.

CD artwork

Also available is a CD of some of Philippa's favourite recruits to audiopop - some lovely indie tunes to rock your socks off. They're available in a lovely CD covered in sweeties.

CD artwork

If you're interested in buying or distributing either of these then get in touch.