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Programme 1: ZX Spectrum Music
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Programme 2: Atari Music
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Programme 3: Commodore Music
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Programme 4: Nintendo Music
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Flat Four has been looking into the world of music made on "retro" computers - the models of computer produced in the early 80s. These computers have limited sound capabilities, and what with human nature being the way it is, that seems to have inspired lots of musicians to work hard at playing with and challenging those limitations, and making a wealth of innovative music in the process.

The programmes feature interviews with some of the original "gods" of 8-bit music, as well as members of the modern "demo scene", and other people who have decided that these retro sounds are where it's at. And even more, the programmes feature lots and lots of really excellent music. Beat that!

Our programmes were broadcast as part of Flat Four's main schedule, and also on Resonance FM.

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  • Presented by Matt Sharples
  • Written by Dan Stowell and Matt Sharples
  • Produced by Dan Stowell

Programme 1: ZX Spectrum Music

Track Artist
Beepulator (during programme intro) ZX Spectrum Orchestra
Dragonfly Gasman (AY Riders)
Yerz Mix 3 Yerzmyey (AY Riders)
Blue Arctic Sky Jeffie (AY Riders)
Bionic Commando Level 2 Tim Follin
Future Games
Bubble Bobble
Agent X II
Experiment ZX Spectrum Orchestra
Proper Jumper
Dollar Power / Skank
Hope Spring Is Eternal (during programme outro) Gasman (AY Riders)

Transcript of the Spectrum programme

Hear the Spectrum programme

Programme 2: Atari Music

Track Artist
Up on the Housetop (during programme intro) Paul Slocum
Irish Wood Greyscale
SauceMaster The 8-Bit Construction Set
ganggirlz* Lektrogirl
Psilodumputer* Psilodumputer
[Brief clips of various micromusic artists] *

Role Model
Bodenstandig 2000

Oktopus drx (of Bodenstandig 2000)
Coding on E gwEm
Excerpt from "Wings" theme music Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)
analogmt32 Tim Conrardy
D Minor Fugue Jeremy Clarke

*[Tracks marked with an asterisk aren't necessarily Atari tracks - they're included as part of the micromusic segment]

Transcript of the Atari programme

Hear the Atari programme

Programme 3: Commodore Music

Track Artist
Intro (during programme intro) goto80
Arbeit Aleksi Eeben
Spellbound Rob Hubbard
Trap Ben Daglish
The Last Ninja Ben Daglish
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Tim Follin
Last Ninja - The Wastelands (Club Version) Instant Remedy / Ben Daglish
Monty On The Run (Mystery Machine Mix) Slow Poison / Rob Hubbard
Monty On The Run Press Play On Tape / Rob Hubbard
International Karate Visa Roster / Rob Hubbard
Exy goto80
Myblock Agemixer
Exy (during programme outro) goto80

Transcript of the Commodore programme

Hear the Commodore programme

Programme 4: Nintendo Music

Track Artist
Pow Pow YMCK
My Girl the Princess Rugar
Tilt-O-Whirl Tadpole
Aliens and the Eclipse
The Bytemaster x|k
Twinkle Lo-Bat
Korobeyniki DJ Pretzel
Design By Contract Role Model
Snare Rush Disco
White Russian Lo-bat
Mood Indigo Bud Melvin
Live in Paris (excerpt) Gameboyzz Orchestra
Boy Genius Printed Circuit

Transcript of the Nintendo programme

Hear the Nintendo programme

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