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Ladyfest is an amazing thing. It's basically a forum for promoting women's position to creative arts (have you ever noticed how male-dominated most festival line-ups are?), but irrespective of motive they always manage to have loads of absolutely brilliant bands and artists. We made programmes about:

Ladyfest Cardiff 2006 Ladyfest Brighton 2005

Ladyfest Cardiff 2006

In our special programme we've got live recordings of music from the fest (Candy Panic Attack, Bela Emerson, The Buzz, Akrasi, and Manic Cough) as well as poetry from Penny Broadhurst, zine reviews, CDs, and more.

[Photo of They Call Me Snail] [Manic Cough]

or listen to complete live sets from:

...or catch the radio stream (particularly handy if you don't have broadband)


The Official Ladyfest Cardiff 2006 website


[Akrasi] [Penny Broadhurst]

Links to the bands we talked about/played:

Photos © Nathalie Talandier / Ladyfest

Ladyfest Brighton 2005

20th-23rd October 2005

We went to the Ladyfest Brighton festival and it was great. Our special report on some of what went on at this excellent gathering of creative and independent people includes music from some of the best bands we saw (Con Mun Gos, Smartypants, Theoretical Girl, and Fake Valerie Action), plus a selection of zines, and a Riot Grrrl discussion with two of the founders of the Riot Grrrl movement - Allison Wolfe and Toby Vail. Hear some excellent new music and get a flavour of the festival.

Our archive includes these Ladyfest programmes:

  • Our Ladyfest report - a programme packed with excellent music, zine reviews, discussion - a full flavour of the fest!
  • Afrirampo live - one of the best gigs from the festival, brought to you in full...



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    • The complete recording we made of the Riot Grrrl panel discussion, held after a screening of the film "Don't need you" about the history of the Riot Grrrl movement in America. (The link takes you to a page on the Internet Archive, where you can see some detail as well as download the one-hour-long recording.)
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