Flat four


Problems listening?

Our radio broadcast is an MP3 audio stream, and if you have a suitable media player installed on your computer you should be able to listen simply by clicking the "Click here to listen link". Suitable media players include iTunes or Winamp or Quicktime or XMMS - or even Windows Media Player.

If you cannot listen, check the following things:

  • If your computer's media-playing software starts up:
    • Wait for at least ten seconds before giving up - your computer probably needs to "buffer" the audio before it starts playing.
    • If you see an error message in your media-playing software, consult the error message and try to resolve any specific issues it describes.
  • If your computer's media-playing software doesn't start up:
    • Check to see if the file "flatfour.m3u" has been downloaded, and if so, try double-clicking on it to launch it.
    • If your web browser doesn't download the file, but says "server unavailable" or something similar, our radio stream may be temporarily offline.

If those suggestions don't work, open your media player and copy-and-paste one of the following URLs into it (most media players have an "open URL" option):




Our archive stream

Something else you might like to try is our "archive stream" which broadcasts a selection of radio programmes from our recent past. Try this URL:



If all else fails

If this does not work for you, get in touch - but make sure you tell us what sort of computer you have and what sort of media-playing software when you do!