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Sign language for gigs


This is not necessarily perfect quite yet, but if you try it out we'd love to hear what you think of it. Signs missing? Signs incomprehensible? Let us know by email at signs -[at]- flatfourradio.co.uk. (Remember that we've left out some "obvious" signs on purpose, as mentioned below.) Thanks!

Download "Sign Language for Gigs"
(PDF; 630 kB)Creative Commons License

How to use:

Download the guide using the link above, then print it out on a single sheet of A4 (the file is smaller than A4, but if your printer's margins still can't handle it you may need to say "Yes" when it suggests shrinking the image a little), and fold as shown:

Fold it into thirds along the longest length, and then fold in half in the other direction.

Things that aren't in the guide

  1. Words which most people know a gesture for - like guitar, drink, telephone, or drive. The commonly-known gestures aren't necessarily exactly the same as in BSL, but then, this guide isn't exactly an encyclopedia of BSL.
  2. Words which we can't find an official translation for: bass, treble, loud, quiet, support, headline.
  3. The fingerspelling alphabet - it's very useful though! How about printing the fingerspelling guide onto the reverse of our guide?



Philippa showed Dan how to fingerspell so they could communicate at gigs, and then later on some other basic words of British Sign Language. From there they realised everyone should know a few words of sign language, if only because talking at gigs is really f-ing difficult.