Flat four


New cut-and-paste zine from outer space!

Intergalactic newspaper, Space Times - never previously available on Earth - is now distributed exclusively by Flat four.

You can buy Space Times for 50p by PayPal to (pls add a bit for P&P if you're outside the UK), or send us your zine as a swap.

More zines

Postcards: You can see the results of our recent mail art project in the online gallery. We also have a small number of original Postcards zines still in stock. Send £3 + 50p P&P (pls add a bit extra if you're outside the UK) by PayPal to .
Flat four zine: Back issues of Flat four zine are still available. Go here for details. The latest issue (#7) talks about The Hussy's, stealth t-shirts and Ladyfest Cardiff.