The Molecules of HIV

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You may find it useful to view an interactive 3D model of the HIV virus. To launch the viewer, make sure you have Java installed on your computer and
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Dan Stowell graduated from Cambridge University in 2000, with a first-class Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences (specialising in the History and Phi
Cytokines are signalling proteins, released from cells into the surroundings, which serve a regulatory function. They aren't only used in the immune s
HIV can lead to dementia in AIDS patients - although it doesn't always do so. How does it do this? The process isn't fully understood yet, but it s
HIV can activate a cancer-causing gene
The HIV virus inserts its genes into the host cell's genome, essentially at an arbitrary position along the genome. (That is: the virus doesn't take s
One kiloDalton (kD) is equal to approximately the weight of one thousand hydrogen atoms, and is equivalent to 1.66 x 10-21 grams. We use this unit to
The Molecules of HIV - A Hypertextbook
This hypertext looks at HIV from a molecular point of view, using an indexed set of entries. Start from one of the starting points given just below, o

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