The Molecules of HIV

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Long Terminal Repeat

An article from "The Molecules of HIV" (c) Dan Stowell

The Long Terminal Repeat is something which is often found in strands of RNA or DNA is the Long Terminal Repeat. At each end of the string is the same sequence of code at each end of the string. Almost like the repeat at the start and finish of these sentences, almost like!

There are two important functions for the LTR:

  • Firstly they are "sticky ends" (that's a biochemistry term) which the integrase protein uses to insert the HIV genome into host DNA.
  • Secondly, they act as promoter/enhancers - when integrated into the host genome, they influence the cell machinery which transcribes DNA, to alter the amount of transcription which occurs. Protein%20binding%20sites%20in%20the%20LTR">Protein binding sites in the LTR are involved with RNA initiation.

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Dan Stowell

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